3 Signs You Need to Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot

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If you’re wondering whether or not it is time to re-stripe your parking lot, there are some easy ways to determine if it’s necessary. For a lot of lot owners and managers, striping is a necessary but frustrating process of getting things in working order. A lot like car maintenance, striping a parking lot is often put off for a long time. Because of its crucial role in keeping a parking lot safe and sound, it is not a process that should be put off, and in fact, if these 3 signs are showing up, it may need to happen as soon as possible.

Parking is Getting Unruly

An easy way to tell if it’s time to re-stripe a parking lot is to assess the parking situation. If during your busy hours cars are parking out of the lines, it is likely that they are having a hard time seeing where to park. Likewise, you may notice, if you have the time to watch, that cars are hesitant to park because they’re unsure about the lines. Parking out of the lines and all over the place can increase the risk that patrons may have a hard time leaving the lot, as well as entering it, safely.

Winter Came and Left Its Mark

Spring should be here for good now, and it could not have come at a better time. Parking lots take a huge hit during the winter as salt, snow, and ice corrode the paint and leave it looking worse for wear. To avoid this, wait a week or so once the cold weather is gone and then assess your lot. For example, if the forecasts are still calling for colder weather and a possible early Spring snow, it’s likely that a re-stripe now could become damaged immediately. Once you are in the clear for Spring weather and the end of snow and ice, the lot may look rough. That means it is time to re-stripe.

It’s Been Awhile Since the Last Re-Stripe

Another easy way to note that it is time to re-stripe your lot, consider how long it has been since the last paint job. Even if the stripes are still visible, we get used to what we see every day. Visible does not mean up to normal safety standards, and even if lines are easy to see, they may not be as clear as some drivers may need. If there is any time to re-stripe a lot, it’s when you cannot remember the last time you had your lot striped. Likewise, this time of year is a great opportunity to continue the rest of the year with a fresh looking parking lot.

Ensuring a clearly striped lot is a must for property owners. Put the safety of motorists and pedestrians first with a re-stripe. Whether winter left its mark on your lot, the parking situation is getting rocky for patrons, or it’s been too long since the last job, it’s likely time to re-stripe your lot. There’s no time like now!


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