DIY vs. Professional Parking Lot Striping

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Spring starts to see a warm up in terms of weather, and that means a lot of businesses start looking into striping their parking lot. Especially in areas of the country that experience a heavy amount of ice and snow, parking lots can look a lot worse for wear by April. There are a lot of ways to go about striping a parking lot, and whether or not to go the “do it yourself” route, or to hire a professional team. This article will take a look what the best plan of attack is for any small business or property, and which causes less headaches and more precise results.

San Antonio parking lot striping crew

There are a number of products that claim to assist any individual looking to stripe their own parking lot the means to do so. A few major issues with the DIY route is that the margin for error is significantly higher when things are not handed over to the professionals. A lot of detail goes into striping a parking lot, some of which actually fall under legal obligation rather than just visual assessment.

Of course, clear and well applied lines are crucial to the functionality of a parking lot. Things like directional cues, parking spot lines, and other various traffic assistants are sometimes more important than signs. Likewise, for parking lots in places like vehicle maintenance shops, doctor’s offices, and hotels, striping can very much keep important vehicles and personnel free to move as needed, while allowing pedestrians the clear sign of where to go and when. There are not many businesses that fail to feature any striping in their parking lots, which makes the process so crucial. So, is it plausible to “do it yourself?”

Technically, anyone can stripe a parking lot when given the right materials. A few key concerns come to mind immediately, however. First and foremost, the safety of pedestrians in a parking lot is the sole responsibility of the property owner. Common areas are at the discretion of the property owner to remain safe and for lines to be clear to drivers. Should an accident occur because of improper striping, that may come to cause major problems.

Likewise, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, has regulations on what symbols need to be present as well. Not only do things like crosswalks need to be labeled in certain cases, but handicap symbols need to be present in spots for certain drivers. These are not optional, and incorrectly applying ADA compliant striping can cause a lot of issues in the future.

Luckily, experts are available to provide parking lot striping so these concerns do not come up in the process of remodeling the parking lot. For a lot of Springtime projects, it may be tempting to do things yourself. Even more so now than ever, companies sell materials for DIY projects, encouraging individuals to take on tasks themselves. This is not one of those projects that will go as smoothly as it looks, unless you hire a team of professionals who knows how to stripe a parking lot, as well as make sure its layout is as optimized for your business or property as possible.

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