DIY vs. Professional Paving

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Paving a new asphalt lotWhen summer rolls around, many start to plan for some outdoor projects otherwise impossible during the cooler or colder months. Outdoor projects especially seem to warrant a brainstorming session now that cooler temps and winter weather are long gone. For example, it’s a great time to look at paving a driveway or lot that may be on your property. Home owners look at their driveways and think, “this can’t be too hard, why not do it myself?” Well, it’s an option, but is it best for your pavement? Here are the facts about DIY asphalt paving, and why some turn to professionals.

DIY or Professional Asphalt Paving? Which One is for Me?

Depending on whether or not you are a homeowner or business owner, you are likely looking at a finite space of pavement that seems doable to re-pave on your own. Like any home improvement or property upkeep project, the temptation to repave things on your own is strong. That being said, asphalt makes things a bit more complicated. Because of the composition of the material, as well as its safety standards that go into handling it, there are a number of things to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which route to take.

Tools for Paving a Lot or Driveway

Some will argue that any sort of pavement can be done by anyone willing to put in the time. When it comes to the tools needed to pave a lot or driveway, that’s not too realistic. Some who use sand or stone to pave lots will have an easier time getting the job done by renting a roller or equivalent tool. When it comes to finishing an existing lot or driveway, some DIY kits will say everything you need is included, but only offer plastic tools and cheap manners in which to apply the finish. If you’re dealing with even a year’s worth of wear on the lot, you are going to need more than a finish.

Application of Asphalt

Pouring asphalt looks easy when it is done by the professionals. That’s because they make a living doing this kind of work. Ask anyone who has tried to pour and apply asphalt themselves and they will tell you a different story. Between determining the condition of the subgrade surface, which may need compacting, and even simply knowing how to layer gravel, can be difficult for someone new to the trade. Some jobs only need a few YouTube tutorials to teach newcomers, but this is a job fit best for those who know the tools and materials they are using.


Who knows better than a team of professionals who have paved everything from giant parking lots to private home driveways? DIY projects are fun and rewarding, but this is not one you want to risk doing yourself. Painting and lawn maintenance are one thing, but a well kept and structured lot or driveway truly requires the attention and expertise of professionals. Reach out today to make an appointment for a consultation and asphalt paving job today.

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