Parking Lot Striping Tools of the Trade

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Have you ever wondered how the bright, thick lines that define parking lot spaces are created? It might not be one of the most relevant contemplations you ever had, but you might be surprised to learn that a lot of thinking and planning goes into striping parking lots of all sizes. In addition, you have to select the right tools, as well as comply with several federal regulations that emphasize equal access for everyone that wants to park in a commercial parking lot.

Overview of How Striping Tools Workfreshly striping parking lot

On the surface, painting by using a stencil appears to be an easy task. Simply stay within the proper space on the stencil and you can create a straight line that presents a uniform appearance. However, easy does not define the stencil like tools of the trade that stripe parking lots. Imagine moving a stencil just a little bit and the once straight line with a uniform appearance turns into a blob of runny paint.

Apply the same principle to a gigantic stencil-like tool of the trade that paints stripes on parking lots. Just a slight movement can turn parallel stripes into an assortment of wiggly lines that fail to provide enough room for cars to park. Moreover, the gigantic stencil-like striping tool of the trade must create uniform stripes that adhere to strict motor vehicle regulations, as well as every guideline issued by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How to Stripe a Parking Lot

You have two ways to stripe a parking lot:

  1. Buy or rent a four-inch paint roller and paint over the chalk line you have drawn to establish parking space boundaries
  2. Rent or purchase a parking lot striper that is the right size to handle the size of the parking lot

Unless you have a hand that is as steady as the hand of the most prolific gunslinger, you are much better off going with method number two. Nonetheless, you still need to create an even chalk line and use measuring tape to ensure every space is the same length and width.

What to Look for in the Best Parking Lot Striping Tools

Whether you are a professional that excels at striping parking lots or a do it yourself who wants to make a little money on the side, you need to use a striping tool that withstands all types of weather conditions. Parking lot striping projects typically are scheduled within short periods, which means the striping tool you use must withstand the punishment delivered by Mother Nature. Think rust resistant, as well as the ability to repel frozen precipitation. You have to use a machine that applies a consistent amount of paint, as well as offers a one-step cleaning process that keeps your striping project moving forward in a timely manner.

Other factors to consider include easy storage and transport from one job to the next. Advanced technology has produced smaller parking lot striping tools that apply more paint in shorter periods. Your striping tool should be able to handle projects of all sizes, from small church parking lots to acres of concrete that surround a large warehouse. Make sure the mechanically driven pump comes with a warranty, as the pump represents the most vital component of the best parking lot striping tools.

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