Costa Paving has experience with both residential and commercial needs.

From residential driveways, private airstrips, sports courts, HOA roads or other projects, we can customize the right solution for your budget needs.



Parking Lot Striping

Our parking lot striping crew are experienced with every size and type of lot.

Service includes planning, advise on which type of striping and materials would work best, and use of environmentally friendly chemicals, with a clean process for a quality look.

New Layout Striping

We can start from scratch and propose a new layout or work off current blue-prints. Our team provides a professional, top-notch striping solution to comply with all ADA safety standards and insurance requirements.


After sealing the current lot, our team can re-align the parking lot with a new striping pattern that will provide a safe and efficient flow while accommodating more spaces and increase overall appearance.
standards and insurance requirements.
Seal Coating

Seal Coating

Each asphalt surface needs to undergo the process of seal coating – putting a protective material layer to help preserve the look and integrity of the asphalt. Sealcoating work should only be done by an expert with the proper equipment, as this process requires strong chemicals. The result is a fresh, clean black look, and sealed asphalt lot or drive.

Asphalt Paving & Repair

Asphalt Paving & Repair

As with every building material, as asphalt ages cracks and potholes develop.
Our experienced crew can handle jobs of any size, and advise customers on the right type of repairs, including patching, crack filling, resurfacing, new sealcoating, or provide professional advice if the best approach is to install a fresh overlay.

Chip Sealing

Chip Sealing

Cheaper that most asphalt paving work, chip sealing also requires less maintenance and often last longer, but without the smooth, black look.
Overlaying a proper base, asphalt oil is sprayed, and small rock is laid over the oil and rolled to a firm compact feel, and when hardens provides nice looking drive.

Concrete Work

Concrete Work

No job is too small – from sidewalks, to driveways, parking lot reinforcement, or specialty jobs, our crews will measure, determine depth of concrete for structural integrity, offer a competitive estimate, and delivery a quality job. We can work with tight construction windows, or at night based on scheduling needs.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Adding tremendous curb appeal, a clean, freshly washed walkway, living area, driveway or lot is easy to come by with the proper wash.
We provide pressure washing services for residential, commercial, and fleet needs.


Using the proper spray, chemicals, and gentle approach, our crew can make your driveways, walkways, and roofs look fresh and clean.


Perfect for concrete surfacing, building cleaning, gum removal, mildew/algae removal, roof cleaning, and general property management.


For repeat customers, Costa Paving offers a 10% discount on maintenance work, re-striping, re-sealing, or general asphalt repairs. Request your discount when talking to our Costa Paving representative.

Costa Paving also offers annual subscriptions, offering quarterly maintenance on striping and seal coating, to keep the fresh, clean, inviting look and feel to your property. Subscriptions are customized based on your unique need, so ask your Costa Paving representative for more information and a quote.

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