Springtime Maintenance for Parking Lots

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Springtime means a lot of things, but one thing is for sure: parking lots are craving some much needed care after the winter. Even in areas that did not see a lot of snow this past season, the cold can really take a toll on pavement, leaving many to find that after the big thaw, their parking lot has turned into a mess. Luckily, it’s a time for experts to share their knowledge and experience and work on some projects to get your lot back in pristine condition.

San Antonio Sealcoating crew at work

Before April showers turn to May flowers, seal coating a parking lot can be crucial. If potholes and other major issues did not come up this winter, taking the time to hire a team to sealcoat your lot can ensure that rain does not soften the pavement and leave motorists and pedestrians to tear up the lot. Rain is all but guaranteed this time of year, so even if things are not looking as bad as some other lots nearby, a good seal coating can go a long way in ensuring a smooth transition to summer.

For other small touch ups, consider striping your parking lot with a fresh set of paint. If lines were tough to see with snow on the ground, they likely faded even further thanks to the ice and cold of winter. Tough to find lines for parking, directional and traffic signifiers, and more really ensure safety on your property. Common areas are your responsibility as a property owner, so a fresh set of striping can save a world of stress that comes with accidents due to invisible lines and paint.

If winter was a bit harsher for your parking lot, repairs might be in order now that things have warmed up a little. If that’s the case, do not fall for the old trick of trying to fill in potholes or other divots on your own. Expert care yields expert conditions for your customers, patrons, or other individuals who use your parking lot. Plus, if small repairs have you wondering whether or not to wait, don’t. Like mentioned above, rainy Spring seasons lead to further damage on pavement. Avoid that costly project in the summer with any and all repairs to your lot now. That does beg the question: what if nothing is wrong with the parking lot?

Why wait for something to go terribly wrong with your parking lot? Preventative maintenance is crucial to avoiding those all of a sudden surprise jobs that may not have been on your mind, or allocated in your checkbook. Preventative care for a parking lot keeps those tiny issues that develop naturally at bay, allowing touch ups to take the place of full on remodels or pavement projects that are not timely for your business. Rather than wait for disaster, prepare for a better lot with preventative maintenance in parking areas.

Spring is the best time for these types of repairs, so don’t wait. Reach out today for any San Antonio parking lot project, big or small!

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