When is the Right Time to Repave a Parking Lot

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Parking lot paving crew at work

There are a lot of things to consider when it’s time to repave a parking lot. Weather, traffic, and natural wear and fading all play a role in deciding it is time to repave. Knowing the right time to repave is crucial to a successful and maximized effect on your parking lot, and this article is going to help you know when the time is right. It all starts with the time of year that yields the most successful repaving job.

Weather and Seasons

There are two environmental considerations to be had. First of all, precipitation in the form of rain and snow are both factors that can help speed up a paved lot’s deterioration. That’s not a good thing, and as more and more cars drive on wet pavement, the lot is going to break down faster and faster. So, how do we go about avoiding this? The easiest way is to consider winter off limits. Given the snow and cold, as well as ice, repaving is out of the question. That means come spring time, a dry week is a great time to schedule a paving of your parking lot. Ensure that its not going to rain that day or the day after while it dries as best as you can. Most companies are flexible on this and can help find the perfect time for you. Spring and summer are the best times to repave, so now is the perfect time to consider making an appointment for service.

The Current Condition of your Lot

Nothing tells you that it is time for a new paving job than a look at your lot. If the pavement color is faded, that could likely mean that the striping is faded too. This can lead to a ton of safety hazards, and there are a lot of reasons to avoid these risks, none more influential than the wellbeing of all who access the lot. Considering the influence of a parking lot on your customer or patrons’ impression of your management, it’s also a good way to keep up appearances. If a lot looks choppy, full of potholes, and faded, it can actually deter customers away from your business. If you own any sort of property, the look of your land is important.

Don’t Wait for Signs of Trouble

Many use the argument “nothing bad has happened yet” to avoid doing regular maintenance on their parking lot. Why wait? Ensure the happiness and safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians with a repave today. As weather continues to warm up and winter is far in the past, the time is perfect for an update that will improve all aspects of your property. For owners and managers, the visual representation of your work is in the appearance and condition of your parking lot. Don’t hesitate because nobody is getting in accidents or complaining. Be proactive and make the call to repave your lot today, ensuring that customers and any passersby looks at your property fondly, not in anguish.

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